Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Post

Wuhoo.. Today just having a great dinner. It's making my stomach full enough!!
TGI Fridays's price was the standard price and provided the good service.
Haha... I'm first time having in TGI Fridays and the first time cannot to finish the western food. Lolx.. Actually we dinner over there is for Joshua's farewell... We are lie those staffs today was Joshua's birthday. Haha.. So they are given a cake and singing a birthday song. We are kinda noisy and sohai, man!! But anywhere i'm kinda enjoyed so!! Haha... Joshua is going back on next Monday. Haiz.. Cannot to watch his big body dy!! Wahaha....
Tomorrow gotta to go MOS, Euphoria... It's ASB 09's final. Wuhoo... Dunno which crew will be the CHAMPION!!! I'm wishing that is Kartoon Network... I'm pround of them. Because they are dancing well...
After tomorrow again, I'm going to Prom Night. Wuhooooo... Sound is great, Feeling is great. But.. Had no partner. It's NOT great & sad too~
I had no idea what dress i wanted to wear. Because this is semi formal. Haiz.. Headache!!
This recently my schedule was almost FULL!!!
Just wishing that what I'm doing and planning on, it's can be happening and success!!!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Y.E.S = Year End Sales!!!!

The 1st good news i gonna to share with you guy is my Nike High Dunk was arrived!! That was awesome, man. Like it so much.. Today i got long time didn't shopping like this.. But still not enough actually. The time was being a bit tie. We are going lately and watching movie. So that didn't bought too much of staffs. Haha.. We are luckily that because G2000 was given a crazy sales. A lot of formal clothes is being 50% discount. That was enough to attract me. Hope that all of you guys would not miss this sales oh.

Formal with Nike SB. XD

This recently was happening many of complicated issues. In m y opinion, everything please take it easily and use your genius brain to found the answer. Which is won't let you be regret for your future, that is the answer. People already tried to give you the comment. Considering for it and go for it. In the same time, me also will losing mind in sometime. Does no anyone people will do the right choose in everything, it's just depends on you! I'm doing the damn wrong ways.. But i'm believe that i can revise to make it perfect. Gambateh all of my friends & me.. =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What a STUPID of me!!!



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Scared

Scared that i couldn't achieve my 1st dream.
Scared that i couldn't to bear the whole problem in my 1st dream.
Had not much of people can help me.
I'm not fully of believe him really can help me always.
I'm tired for my life now..
Kinda miss the schooling life.
The second item I'm scared is will regret the whole decision that I'm taken before.
Scared I will make my parents became disappointed to me.

What is the next step that I'm taken?

Finally..... It's was spreading out!!!
Thanks for cb Yie...
Lolx.. How long i still could keeping this??
I'm totally is annoying and had no idea what can i do...
I'm thinking that only 1% that i'm get success actually..
This was a big challenge for me ever..
I'm under considering to give up for this..
However, Shan Yie was being the kind person..
I'm losing fully of confident.
If i stepping forward, could i can bear for this?
No idea~

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy..

At the first of all I'm totally Busy for working, Busy for fun, Busy for dancing, Busy for gossip/ ke po, Busy for thinking, Busy for dreaming, Busy for entertainment, Busy for release the pressure, totally busy always. lolx
Could not have a great day for me to get a comfortable sleep.
By the way, it's being a full life enough for me.
I'm was the first time tried to watch 2 movie in a same day.
Haha.. So good. For the 1st movie is Christmas Carol and the 2nd one is 2012.
Wohooo.... What a awesome movie of 2012. I was being much of excited and touched of this movie. Excited opening and Touched ending. But for the Christmas Carol, only the comment can i given is not bad lah. XD
Back to my working's life. It's was making me fully of fed up and stress. People took at me is seems like free... But.. It's always got a bigger stone was continuously increasing my bear actually. I couldn't make it being to decrease some more. So that i just kept endure, endure and endure. Because i'm believe my self can do it. Plus, now is reaching December. Haha... So that only left 3 months that I'm facing them. And the next, of course I'm needed to prepare my self for start my college life. Wuhoooooooo....... Gan Chong ah~

We just came back from Genting Highland in a few days.
Haha... This time was a Theme Park day!! It's the time to release my bear. Oh yea~ Let's do this.
In this trip, we was facing some HORRIBLE and IMPOSSIBLE happening.
I couldn't explain this awesome happening as clear as i can. But hope you guy can understand what i'm saying here. =) This happening was start from the Space Shoot.
Haha.. I couldn't imagine that Jackson's dulan face and scolding us.. He is totally dulan dao yi ge cheng du... Can't imagine that. This is causes the Space Shoot. Because I with Jackson is passed the impossible mission to get the Space Shoot. Lolx... Sizzling > Heavy Raining> Heavy heavy and heavy again... Haiz..... Whoever also will become dulan i guess!! Speechless and Fed up!! Almost give up for this game.. Haha.. After 5pm something, it's begin. Haha... Finally, we still kept going over there and playing Space Shoot in the last. Thanks god.. Feel so good after playing... Wow~ I can felt that my whole body is totally put away all the bears... Haha... Nice one!! Going to the Genting's Theme park, we must play Space Shoot even wanted to pass the FU FU YU YU. Haha.. No play, we will being to regret in your whole life.

Will upload the picture soon...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day by day..

No impact in forward my future.
A lot of staffs, it's unconfirmed it.
Starting had no idea which direction i gonna to go for it.
Feeling a strange idea has been nagging me.
My job was being given the much more of pressure to me than before.
How could I can stop myself to say that "I'm quit, I wanted Freedom"?
The time was passing very fast in every seconds. I couldn't to treasure that and catch up the surprised happening.
Around of my friends is seeing has been getting the right person. But me still the nothing. That because I'm not ready, okay?! lolx~

This month i was created that is "Clubbing Month". That because we are going to club in every week. Euphoria & Poppy! Lolx.. Actually the aiming i wanted to go is hope it can throw out all of the unhappy, pressure, annoying, and fed up!! So that i won't reject it when my friend had invited me. Hehe.. I gonna to say thousand thanks for Kent to bring up us. Kent, You're too great, my buddy! Many thanks for shan yie let me knew all of you guys. I'm so so so appreciate. You guys can sohai in anytime, kind person, friendly and many else. Wow~ Love it! XD

So far it's reached the end of November. Glad that!!
Still left 2 months, man!
Wakaka... So wishing that i can study in TARC right now. That because the college life is too much better than working life kao kao. And now I'm became tired and fed up for working life.


Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dunno how could i can describe today i'm tired or relax.. Because i'm started to clean up C-17-2 after woke up. No breakfast... Feeling hungry and hot when cleaning. C-17-2 guys was be the cleaner.. Haha.. Well.. I didn't cleaning much actually. It's took the mostly cleaning is Rain and Shan yie. Lolx.. Cleaning the whole C-17-2 this planing actually we are promised as long time already.. It's after we came back from Redang Island. However, ........... Haha... Boh diu~ Just cleaning own room. lolx... Today we are going to complete this planing. Haha.. Nowadays, C-17-2 is going to look a like HOME!!
Wahaha.. Feeling comfortable, oh yea~

The another reason we're cleaning is c-17-2 is got NEW MEMBER!! Feeling bored.. No choice. We had a bitch tricking us.. When she was moving here, she didn't pay for the deposit, lately pay for the rented fee, stopping stayed here didn't inform us, and tilling now putting her shit thing around here! What the F*ck of she!!! And still own my money... It's a few months.. Such a bitch of her.. Niama.. Hated this people no responsible and such a childish of thinking! Cb.. Pissed off me!! We really could not do anything... We are not being hate she actually. But she treat us like this, really making us being suck one. Haiz~ In the same time also making us being shy for introduced she came for stayed here.
Don't want to talk about those bitch anymore.
Today like a relaxing day for me, man! Because feeling that comfortable in surrounding and a cold weather. Wow.. Damn like it, man!
Tomorrow gonna to be work again. Haiz.. The time was going so fast in every moment. Miss my hometown so much.. Expected this coming year was going to be Tarcian.. Haha...
Please, I wanted be more fast. Wahaha...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party @ LimKokWeng

Kita cuma pinjam LKW Uni punya stage!! XD

WuHuuuuuuu... This was a freaking fresh experience ever i obtained, man! It's was cool.. But not at all.. Because a lot of them is not chinese lah.. Lolx.. It's seems like we're not in Malaysia after we was join their party. Some more i'm totally is dunno how to enjoy the rock?! In the first, i was feeling ok, it's not bad! After turn and turn rock again, i was being sienz!!What is ROCK? ==".. Only those UK or AUS's citizen enjoy it. LimKokWeng University really is a art of school. Wondering it's course in art was famous one. But it's less chinese one.. Haha.. Some AWESOME happening i must let you guy know it. Wahaha... It's was really different feel~ After we finished the Halloween Party in LKW Uni, we taken a rest tea and go to their club house. It's was mostly like a underground club, man! I didn't think that i was in Malaysia, i just feeling that i was in UK or some else. lolx... We had opened a cyphe for dance, but we are loss! That because they are dancing like a ferocious action or like you got served!! Even their technique in dance is not very much, but you really got served! Something i very hate them, is those black guy use he t shirt to do something. This was pissed off me! Wtf... We are totally sienz diao qu~ In the 5 minute around, we was back. Niama you, niggle~

Friday, October 30, 2009









Sunday, October 25, 2009

I done a kind thing, but it's not enough

My first time was given to you.
It's a great experience for me ever.
I couldn't not estimated that it's not hurt so actually.
But i let you be disappointed that because i was lame to show my MAN. XD
I'm unhappy for that. So sorry, dear!
I tried my best to give you more already.
It's work, but it's not enough for you right!!!
You not syok? Me too, ok??
We gonna make a appointment for next time again i think. T.T

Once again, sorry to you that i could not donate much of my BLOOD.
H'aha... Anywhere, i'm tried my best to donate for you already.
Haha... Actually i'm damn scare to donate it.
But belum try, belum tahu, sudah try, hari hari mahu"!
Finally, i'm success!
Oh yea~ Today done a kind of thing to world.


WuuuHuuuuuuuuuu.... Once again, i'm going to Genting Highland. Lolx... This one is a SPECIAL DAY. That's why i'm called it "GAYING DAY". Wahaa... Sound great. Because all of us is from C-17-2 guys only which is Shan Yie, Kent, Rain, and Me!!! Haha.. Freaking DOPE! Because we just plan in a few seconds to get decision went to Genting Highaland. Well.. I think maybe 3 of us which is Kent, Rain and me had some happened is unhappy. So gonna let it out~ But unfortunately that my da lou > Shan yie, he was damn tired. What a pity of you. Anywhere, we creating a Gaying day. And Kent is became Damien almost. Haha... Before this Genting, i had to go the TARCollege's 40th Anniversary. It's great in those performance. Especailly Max Identity and Bra bra them... Haha... It was damn touching when watching bra bra them on performance over the stage. Lolx.. Max Identity was IMPROVING MUCH!! Wow... It's great. MI, I was expected the next performance which in Battleground oh... Haha... Go Go Go, MI!
Back to the anniversary day, i was seems like became emo back. Had something i'm feeling hurt in a second when facing someone. Hurt much~ Anywhere, life is won't be perfect ever! Someone you're wishing that to get it, but it's not suitable you. Plan and plan to get it well, you're still falling down in the last. Let it be gone is always the smarter choice. Let it begin is always the idiot choice. Make you own decision and say no to regret, thanks?!

-Oh Mi Tuo Fu-

Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm back...

Who is this guy? What a Ugly pose..Sibeh Chou!!

Sorry for that i was let my blog to spread spider web. This few days i was lazy for blog.. Because everything what i'm expected is totally not happen. Why had a few of my friend is easily taken misunderstanding what i'm saying that? I just wanna explain it as clear actually. I doesn't meaning that i'm scold you, okay? The life was changing always. Maybe you couldn't feeling that what you're doing now it just get starting only and it's still not enough. Haiz.. I just wanted to help you, do not have any purpose! My life is going down again.. How long my life was can getting up?
In this recently, i going to Genting Highland already had 4 times. Only 2 days is fun as well... Finally, I can join with them which from TT them to enjoy this trip. You guy is almost be a part of my family's member already. Haha.. Where ever we had going is won't be moody, only fun fun fun... Hope in this coming year I can successful to study in TARC and join TT. Yea~ What I gonna hope to do? Just dance dance dance! What i gonna to wish? Just fun fun fun! No emo again.. My company has taken much more project already. This was making me shit... A lots of item gonna to complete as fast. Do not had any one people is totally can help me... Only me going to help them. What lah? It's became bored and unhappy. In case, paying the low salary to me. It's hard to let me save money.. Speechless~ How could i wanted to reach my target? Haiz... Let's talk about dance. Dance dance dance.. Performance performance performance... Competition Competition Competition... This is why called a full time dancer!! But i didn't aiming to be a full time dancer. Just wanna be a part time dancer. lolx... My breaking was once again to decrease. No style, No flava, No stunt, No power, and... No feel! It's a bigger problem for me. Gonna to train hard like bryan. Some more must practice the house, popping, locking, tutting and etc in the same time. It's only can practice as well as i can when i was a student. Lolx.. I wanna the time going to fast ah... Wanna back hometown, Miss everything.. Wanna getting fast to study in tarc.. Wanna quitting this job as well, low salary ah.. no any shitting!
Omg.. It's leaking some. Oh yea~ The one of happy happening which is we're meet back, Leongz! Haha... Glad to see you again. Also glad to meet up you, Shirley, Ivy, Cao Cao, San he, Johnny, and ... It's forget he name. Pai Xie... Leong, Gonna to apologize for you that my atm card was failed to withdrawal. Haiz.. Making you paying for me. Haha... But I will pay back to you soon. The day the night we was took quick fun and high, man! It's seem all of our pressure is came out. Haha... The funny thing which i had watching is you guy is getting drank. Omg~ That is bad. Making me sibeh worry about you guy. Haha... Anywhere, i hope we got chance to meet again. Take Care, guys!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Everything had happening is not my expected.
I couldn't estimated that the next is totally making me disappointed as hell.
Whatever, I'm doing is doesn't my expected actually.
Unreasonable, Unacceptable, Unbelievable, Unrelated, and UNFORESEEN!!!
Why everything i'm doing is unforeseen?
I really had no idea.
Something i also had no idea why I will lose control for those?!
Haiz... Really hope that this moment can gone as fast as possible.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Battleground 09

Wakao! This year of Battleground was too AWESOME, man! Especially Kartoon Network, Wakaka Fewer and Maximer Identity. All of this crew was Freaking Awesome even technique or costume. Try to think about that wearing a short skirt to do the powermove such as air track, flare, many kinds of flip, and etc. Only this, we are getting respect to them. wtf***.. Let's talk about in this morning. This was a suck transport i ever had. Niama.. KTM really like a shit!! Delaying always... Making me wasting time and money. Fuck You KTM!!! But fortunately we're not delay to arrive Sunway. Because we're taken LRT than by taxi went to Sunway. Haha... Thanks to God a lot here. I'm totally appreciated the MI's showing actually. You guy really well done, man! Especially the battle. The battle was killed the whole crew almost, you know?! Haha... Sibeh pro and freshing, Like it! MI please keep improve it! I'm fully of confident to you guy, MI!!! Jia you, Jia you, Jia you!!!!! No matter why they're really strong, you guy must act in strong than enemy as twice! Normally, people is wishing to practice until the 100%, but you guy can practice to hit the120% mah! Haha... Just joking here. What a SIAO!! If you guy really can do it, that was pretty good, man! Well... Unfortunately that i cannot going to watch and support you guy on this Tuesday. Haiz.. What a waste ah!! But hope i can listen your good news oh, MI! I knew MI can do it better, right?
Let's do this.

Once again, Jia you, Jia you, Jia you!!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Climb - The only one of my favourite song.

I can almost see it
That dream I am dreaming
But there's a voice inside
my head saying
"You'll never reach it"

Every step I'm taking
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking

But I gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna
be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting
on the other side
It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I'm not breaking

I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I'm gonna remember most, yeah
Just gotta keep going

And I, I got to be strong
Just keep pushing on

'Cause there's always
gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting
on the other side
It's the climb, yeah!

There's always gonna
be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Somebody's gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting
on the other side
It's the climb, yeah!

Keep on moving, keep climbing
Keep the faith, baby
It's all about, it's
all about the climb
Keep the faith, keep
your faith, whoa

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Genting Highland

Niama.. What a child???

Naughty 31...
We was stay in Starbuck is around 3am something.. Freaking cold!

What's supp everyone?? Sometime life was freaking nice, but sometime life was freaking bad. That's why this is happening in Genting Highland when i was going with my brother. We was arrived there on 10am. So that we are going to pray in temple. After that, We are going to take lunch. Anywhere, i'm still under 21 years old. So that i couldn't follow my brother together go in casino. Shit.. I was became alone. Watching the people was so happy with their friend or family. However, me is alone is sohai. Haiz.. Luckily, my friend was arrived Genting when i'm freaking lonely there. But we do not have going to Theme Park. We just taken tea break in Starbuck and looking some leng lui. Haha... The time is going so fast. My phone was no current. This is a suck thing i ever had. Because this time is Shan Yie on the way to come over here and gonna meet up together. Luckily, I can borrow charger in the phone city shop to charge. After that, we was meet up. And through by introduce from shan yie, i was knew 3 new friends. Eric, Ivelyin and Yen Fein.
The funny thing we had is we are tried to go in the casino. However, we are failured. The one women of cop was smile and given back our ic. Niama.. After that, Yen Fein was suggest to go Safari. Haha.. The great life is turning... Wow.. I was lucky. Because of there do not have any pro- dancer. So i can show my talents.. Kaka.. But i wanted to apologize it because of me was shit copy my best buddy, Jackson's skill. I just showing for fun. In the same time also, i'm lose control.. Thousand of Sorry to you, Jackson.
No mood to continue... Straight to go final... After that, we taken breakfast in Merrybrown and back on 7am. Whole day in Genting Highland and almost reach 24 hours without sleep. I'm really hope that i got change to go with C-17-2 and TT's member. Some of my best buddy was staying in Kampar, i also hope that the planning can going as smooth.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a great weather?!

Today is feeling like shit. That is more different than normally of my life. When the weather is looking cool and great, i must still lying on the bed and won't wake up even the my duty of time is almost reach. However, this morning is feeling like stranger even i'm sleep in lately. Today is a great weather ever as long i'm living MU here. Haha... But unfortunately that me is can't fall in sleep anymore. So that thinking as shit and woke up to prepare and went out. Haiz... On the duty moment, i'm damn shit sleepy. The shit thing is I'm catch a cold with on duty as sleepy and tired over there. Lolx... After off duty, direct back to home and taken medicine than sleep when the weather is still cold. Haiz.. Why i cannot get a good rest? Even had a great chance, i still cannot to do. That is kinda silly of me... Freaking sweet!

working the DOUBLE working in 1 person. That is quick busy and rush. A lot of urgent urgent and urgent case needed to follow up. Now is coming holiday even it's just a few days only. At least, i can go Genting Highland to enjoy and let my self to decrease the pressure. Aiks.. My pressure is came from those project in this recently. Our company has taken much more projects. SUCK~ Plus, our company's another one staff is resignation without reason and handover job. So in conclusion, i'mWalao.. Really siao!! So that people can hearing that Louis Louis and Louis in office. Niama... Do not have anyone can forgive me about that. I really had no idea what they're thinking that. Only 1 pair of hand to done the whole thing. All of them is quick siao. I'm became tired to treat and face to them already.

Day by day.... I had many thing is wanted to do and plan as careful. Because of this is about my future. Gonna had a little of pressure in further of me... I cannot hundred percent to expected i will loss profit in those of company. I just wishing that at least i can get the 8% of dividend in 2 times above per year. Hope this plan is successful going as smooth as i expected. Hold on.. It's seem like leak something. Oh yea~ That is another planning by my best buddy. Haha... It's quick work. This is the first planning by EX- TT, it's seem like Mun Yee... and... forget. Lolx.. 31 is going to make it happens. Yeah~ That is Talent Studio.. It's in front of MU here. Fortunately, all of this shops lot is my company to build it up. Haha.. So that i can give them all of details as their requested. But i hope you guy can waiting as slowly. Because of me had much more thing is wanted to follow- up and complete. I'm agree that we can make this happen. I will try my best what i can do and help. But we are most needed to do is the co- operation by each other. All the procedures, confirmation or others must pass by black and white. In case, we can refer that and be fully of respected for the black and white. Haha.. Anyway, i really hope that you guy can make it happen while i'm not the one of TT's member!!!

Gambateh, Gambateh, Gambateh!!!
Make it happen!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Black Eyed Peas in Malaysia


Yo... What's supp everyone? Black Eyed Peas was rock in Sunway, Malaysia. Do you have listen "Boom Boom Pow" before? This song was AWESOME, man! For those people whose had listen or do not have listen, please lah.. Do Not Miss This Chance. Try to think about that B.E.P was singing Boom Boom Pow in LIVE. Oh my godsh... I really cannot to imagine that. You guy must have a fully high and get a BOOM when you was in the concert. But unfortunately i cannot to confirm that can join this concert or not... $@#%@#

Anywhere, only i can do is just waiting for the good news until happen on me. Haha...

Check it out for more information of Black Eyed Peas, please visit this website as below:-
You can also book online at this website as below:-

25th September 2009
on Friday at 8pm
Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach
Ticket Price:
Booking Hotline:
603-7711 5000

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Feeling Down

Day by day, i almost get loss in my aim!
I had many GOAL in my thoughts, but i still cannot to let myself be responsible what I'm confirmed the GOAL in further!!
Freaking Idiot of me..
Easily fall down and give up!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Night in Kajang...

Spicy Soup~
Leon's smile~

Bboy Pose~

-Serious Face-

4 Leng Lui in Kajang's 007 show~

Yo.. Thanks for Mun Yee invited us to go Kajang watching leng lui and let my first breaking. Because i'm really first time take non- stop supper in Kajang. Spicy Soup > Satey> Maggi Goreng!! Lolx... Let's we talk about the show.. Honestly, the show really had some bored. But that is okay.. At least, let our 4 black spec human got chance to watch hot babe. XD
Glad for whole night... BYE~

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Vocal People... PURE VOCAL!

I LOVE IT, man!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gotcha, My Final Decision~ Yea....

Gotcha~ Oh yea...

This rencently, i'm tried to let my self break down. But still not the one of answer is i expected and wanted. I'm very annoying for those stupid decision is which i'm choosing before. My best buddy already spoken with me that "what you're doing now, that is a more helpful thing for your future. Even you get a low benifit, but you can earn more experience and useful thing for further. This is not needed to let you pay anything, only one choice is YES or NO. If YES, go ahead than! If no, depends on you and do not regret that!"
But i still cannot accepted(Sipeh luan shui). And i kept on believe myself to achieve my target while is very tired. However, i'm cknew that my hoice is the shit and fool one. F*cK~
I'm totally unable to do it! Well..
Only here is the most useful thing for me.
Only here can let me bboy kao kao as i wanted.
Only here can spent me more time...
Only here can step on forward to continue my education.

Haiz... Sometime damn jealous my friend is free than me. Can bboying anytime, sleep as enough, do anything what they wanted, etc. Only i can said that is FREE... I had no idea why their will said that study is no freedom... Try to change to me than. Lolx... Only they will on busy that is assignment lo.. If working, is everyday busy, busy and busy. One word can described is TIRED. Sometime, i wanted to bboying with them, also had no any chance to go. Well... Working until 9pm, where got time to go there. Even 6pm, still wanted under consider that. I'm really hope that my knowing whichs in dance can improve as well as i wanted arrhhhhh...
Day by day, my life is going to change! No gaming, only busy and fun! The time was going so fast. Why can let us spend more 1 hour meant that 25hours per day?Haha... But i know that is impossible, man! If we have 25hours per day, sure we can do more thing. Something i'm thinking that everthing is so easily to achive. But i still cannot to do that.. Haha... Odinary me is silly guy... However, people told me that i'm the cool and steady guy.. lolx... Did I heared wrong about that?! Anywhere, Louis, "please you don't be still confident your self!"

No Sweat Dance Competition in Zouk

Critical Soul

Yo~ Long time no blogging already! Well.. Actually this recently i'm damn busy for my work and dance. Unfortunely, we had no get any places. Haiz... We had no prepare as well and practice as rushing. So that we had fully panic. Anywhere, 1 day to create a step and using 6 hours to practice it for Final, that is quick suck rush for me, man! But.. That is not importnat The important thing is we had earning experience. Haha... Once again, CONGRATULATION to Mr. Jackson and Kent. You guy is very pro, especially you, Jackson. Better you change your name to be JackShen as immdiately! Haha... So next time, hope i have a enough of time to prepare before competition. Yo~ Bboy in the Zouk!

Friday, July 31, 2009


-Chua Jackson with Louis-

Here, I would like to announced Jackson was the CHAMPION and BOIZ was the 2nd runner in the Freestyle 2009 whichs place in Aloha. Haha... Jackson, i'm proud for you, men! I already said that you must can do it. Haha... You really had a much enough of potential in dancing..
I love it so much...
BOIZ and Jackson is the one of proud for TT.
All of us is damn happy for you guy...
Especially you, Jackson. After get the money, please do not forget us!
Haha... Keep Improving~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Miss some one!

The time is going so fast when i was sleeping...
A lot of thing doesn't know which is missing or wasting..
The one i'm much miss is my hometown and the second one is basketball...
Oh.. My.. Godshh~
After the year of 2009, i'm totally is not playing basketball already, only dancing.
Feeling that is a regret..
Nowadays, only working, online, sleep, shopping, dancing, and etc...
The working is too much time i'm on using it..
Wanna looking for some one to accompany me and dance also is a big problem that i'm face..
Most of after back from working place, must around 8pm or 9pm..
So that how come i have a much time to spent in dance and play basketball?? huu...
Plus, my fee of living also is limited. That is not enough for waste in others...
When i was fall to sleep, i was thinking about that the technicque of bboying~
But that is not thinking about hot babe.. XD
So that's why is on disturbing my brain and cannot sleep as well...
Now, around my friends is seeing me free, but they doesn't know how i'm on pressure...
Only i can do just try to imagine myself is on enjoy and freedom.
I had no idea how longs i still can work this job now...
Just try my best and put on the full of stamina to forward...
Well.. For me the 6 months is difficult to pass by a day...
Maybe some of people will say that just a few month, it's passing as fast..
But how is going fast? 6 months lea.. It's not a 1 month.
Saying out from mouth, that is so easy. But when you do, that is a problem you're face.
Actually many things is know and understand how to do, but always get the problem when people give you other idea. So ignore yours idea or him/her?!

Oh yea.. This recently, i'm almost have a much interest for the world of investment. That because investment is a interest thing for all people.. $$$$$Use the 3 figure to earn triple figure, if you good in financial planning, potential, and etc. My brother and my room mate is on this world... I'm very respect them, that because they have own opinion as higher experience for this...Well... I must try to put on myself. Haha... Just for further, i can to achieve what i wanted. In additional, I'm still a young, man! =)


Saturday, July 25, 2009


我每次都只往前看, 而且还是没经过思想,判断,或之内的~

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Unfinished WORK!!!

-The Unfinished Work-

This recently, I always on busy like heLL~
That because my collegue kept throwing the unfinished work to let me follow- up.. So shiT!
But all of this is almost finish, only have some problem is cannot to decide it.
Before this, i always working until 9pm or 10pm something is without additional OT.
Quick have some rugi for me..
No matter why, i still needed this job so much! Haiz... No choice!
I cannot let my brain to stop thinking of the working.Sometime is feeling good, but sometimes is feeling stress stress and stress.
I hate this job because is too busy and working without OT.
In addition, totally can feeling that my work is more than my collegue. Sometime their also got many style such as today said 1, tommorrow said 3 than. What a shit! Hate it~
Hope i can get the other good job soon..
Well... I'm feeling that too greed for my style of living. Some of sypstom is always appeared in my mind that "Do not be greed some, we will be regret". But from the think of positive, greed is let you loss everthing. Only i can say, my life is always going to annoy.
Time is going mature, i should be more stronger from now...

Back to my life, i'm lossing a lot of time in practice dance whether my time management is arrange as well... This reason is caused by my working time is unstable, so that can't going as smooth as well as my best. Lolx...

On the 7th of July, we ham ka, member of C-17-2 and some of EX TT Finalist is going to airport for the said goodbye to Damien. Well~ I just come a few months, but i can knew that you are really the best brother ever. Haha... All of us guys is mostly cry, but we are boy, man. Must tahan a bit lah... Kaka... We are waiting you back, Damien. Here, wish you all the best in Melbourne~

Enough, back to happy time 1st. This end of July, i gonna have a PUMA SUEDE soon luh..
Oh yeah~ Thanks for Ah Tong whose in Kelantan now. Kaka... Sohai! Damn happy for that my dream shoes is gonna appear! Wakaka...


Here, i wanted to said Congratulation to Talent Time Nite 09 was successful dated 05 July 2009 on Sunday. You guys is make me jealous and have a big momentum to join TT lah.. Shit.. TT must wait me. I will be join soon. I can watch that you guy is good in co- operate and friendship through by this. From now, I wanna be train hard. Hahaa... WAIT ME!!
Well... TT nite also make my dream come true, man! OMG~ That because I was suprise and cannot to imagine that was happened to me.. Wow~ Feeling so good! Hope this can continous to me... I will be wait.. =)

*TT Nite 09 will be upload soon~

Saturday, June 27, 2009


This recently, i mighted i'm the lucky guy in this world. That because my birthday gonna reach. However, that was be suck for everyday. Through by this, i can know as clear why i suddenly love this song - "Can You Feel My World". I feel that i'm not important whether i do much. The suck thing i had before this is scolding by director without a correct reason, everyday working until 10pm also no anyone people can believe me and forgive me. I feeling sad. Always in stress stress stress to pass a day, no anybody can know this. EVER~ The mostly disappointed thing is YOU. You make me disappointed so much. I had no idea why i let you to fool me. Honestly, i tried my best to accompany you. Finally, you make me like a sohai! I HATE you so much~ HATE you! HATE you! You are not understand me. Whatever, that is not important from now!
Today is my birthday, just a part of my friend is wisher me. I buy a cake from secret recipe for MU Ham Ka. However, only two people at MU! Du lan~ But I try to wait you guy back. Haiz... Anywhere, thanks for your wisher.
On 27 June 2009, i damn du lan this. du lan~ du lan~
What i might is... BULLSHIT only! The entire planing of me is failured.. Haiz~ I also don't know why you blog started regarding that maintanance man! What i can said is
Well.. I blog this seem like have some childish kind! But... Once i don't blog this, i really no idea whose can calm down me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


近来,吸收了很多广泛的东西。 令我很有冲击感要向前进冲。

例如这个DICS的分册个人内型。分别是Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance

D的人是有能力扛起大队,也就是很LEADER - Dai Lou

I的人是比较外向,乐观,爱讲话 - MR. Nice Man

S的人是很稳健,平稳,支持型的 - Play Safety Game

C的人就比较完美主义,思考型的 - Think Before Do



我好有几个plan都很想要走...这几个plan都是突然想起的。所以没什么信心要大胆的走这一步。 现在很有冲击要转工,去赚更多的钱。因为这些计划都是需要用我整副身价来去赚更多更多。所以真的得小心。这全都是我已经开始清醒了,也开始面对着事实。可是我相信我还是会睡回去。哈哈~


你真的是我HOU DA LOU 啊!真感激上天然我认识了你,不断的更我分享的你,