Saturday, June 27, 2009


This recently, i mighted i'm the lucky guy in this world. That because my birthday gonna reach. However, that was be suck for everyday. Through by this, i can know as clear why i suddenly love this song - "Can You Feel My World". I feel that i'm not important whether i do much. The suck thing i had before this is scolding by director without a correct reason, everyday working until 10pm also no anyone people can believe me and forgive me. I feeling sad. Always in stress stress stress to pass a day, no anybody can know this. EVER~ The mostly disappointed thing is YOU. You make me disappointed so much. I had no idea why i let you to fool me. Honestly, i tried my best to accompany you. Finally, you make me like a sohai! I HATE you so much~ HATE you! HATE you! You are not understand me. Whatever, that is not important from now!
Today is my birthday, just a part of my friend is wisher me. I buy a cake from secret recipe for MU Ham Ka. However, only two people at MU! Du lan~ But I try to wait you guy back. Haiz... Anywhere, thanks for your wisher.
On 27 June 2009, i damn du lan this. du lan~ du lan~
What i might is... BULLSHIT only! The entire planing of me is failured.. Haiz~ I also don't know why you blog started regarding that maintanance man! What i can said is
Well.. I blog this seem like have some childish kind! But... Once i don't blog this, i really no idea whose can calm down me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


近来,吸收了很多广泛的东西。 令我很有冲击感要向前进冲。

例如这个DICS的分册个人内型。分别是Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance

D的人是有能力扛起大队,也就是很LEADER - Dai Lou

I的人是比较外向,乐观,爱讲话 - MR. Nice Man

S的人是很稳健,平稳,支持型的 - Play Safety Game

C的人就比较完美主义,思考型的 - Think Before Do



我好有几个plan都很想要走...这几个plan都是突然想起的。所以没什么信心要大胆的走这一步。 现在很有冲击要转工,去赚更多的钱。因为这些计划都是需要用我整副身价来去赚更多更多。所以真的得小心。这全都是我已经开始清醒了,也开始面对着事实。可是我相信我还是会睡回去。哈哈~


你真的是我HOU DA LOU 啊!真感激上天然我认识了你,不断的更我分享的你,



Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting a SICK day...

Today is my room mate birthday - Damien.
Happy Birthday, bro!
Here, i wanted to wish you stay in happy always whether you at Australia.
But today is a bad day for me. Damn it.. That because I was get sicked and apply MC on leave. Haiz... Still got a lot of work needed me to follow up. Everyday got unfinished job to let me do.
Why Why Why~
Now my fever was in decreasing a bit only. But this a good for me, because not a SWINE FLU...
Last night, i was reading newspaper at MC D. This is a damn shiT news for MALAYSIA!!! SWINE FLU was started to spread in Malaysia.. OHhh... My.. Godsh!!!
This end of month is my birthday. Plus, this also is my first time in KL to celebrate birthday.
Hope i can get what i wanted and have a unforgetton birthday.. =)
18 sui po po cui(in cantonese).. XD

Monday, June 15, 2009


Today, I just had a perfect buffet with my collegue including the site supervisor and my director togerther to celebrating birthday for my project manager... So enjoy... The venue at The Gardens Hotel. This is nearby MidValley there... Rm98 per one person. Damn expensive. This restaurant also have a nice view of KL when on enjoy your buffet. Haha... I seems like a kampung boy... Because first time to eat the real bao yu.... XD Sibeh sohai. Others, all of the seafood is very fresh one, the seafood also including the lobster, samon, tuna, prawn of tiger and etc... Unfortunely, there didn't not have my favourite seafood - crab. Damn it...
Guys, this is a one of the delicious buffet I wanted to promo to you while this is damn expensive. Haha... BUT.... You should try this... =)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Breaking News - SWINE FLU...

* Virus is causing moderate disease

* Phase 6 means spread is inevitable

* WHO urges countries to finish seasonal vaccines

* 109 deaths from new flu strain in Mexico (Adds comments from Mexican official)

-With today's announcment, H1N1 in alert to level 6....
From the Hong Kong's news, school to be closed in 2 weeks. Hong Kong confirmed its first local cluster of H1N1 cases on Thursday and would close all the childcare centres and primary schools for two weeks. This was damn cirsis.

Virus spreading and it is not stoppable, says WHO

GENEVA: The World Health Organisation declared the first flu pandemic of the 21st century yesterday, urging countries to shore up defences against the virus which is “not stoppable” but has proved mainly mild so far.

China: H1N1 under control

BEIJING: China’s health chief said the A (H1N1) flu virus is under control on the mainland, while New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said he ended his three-day stint under quarantine in a Shanghai hotel.

Japanese schoolkids in Germany down with flu

DUESSELDORF (Germany): At least 30 students at a Japanese International School in Duesseldorf have tested positive for H1N1 flu, officials in the western German city said yesterday, and the number of cases is expected to rise.

We cannot let the H1N1 to spread in inevitable again!!!! Once the H1N1 spread to all country and all of city, the world of business will be break down again as critical and our circumferences of world also wii be destroy. Whose should be the responsible? Please goverment and you do something....

Monday, June 8, 2009

Half day in Melacca...

Get lose, Kangaroo... XD

We be the background... XD

Ham Ka Fu...

Aquarium inside the OldSchool TV.. I like it!

The Bigger Biscuit

Coming Chinese New Year... XD

Just finished taken Hai Nam Chiken Rice...
So delicious! This is one of restaurant is damn famous in Melacca..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Love Footwork JDD vol. 15

Only i can comment on is CLEAR, DOPE, FRESH and Own FLAVAR. I LOVE IT!!!

Formosa Crew(Taiwan Champion)

Taiwan Formosa Crew got 3rd place in 2008 BOTY Taiwan champion BOTY Asia 2nd place and best show Member list Choco Gino B Mouth Aya Dong Fatty Zone Cat Lil B Chack Dragon Nai

BOTY 2009 in Malaysia

Yo.. BOTY 2009 was stage on the 1 Utama. The judges got Bboy Katsu , Bboy Bruce Lee and Marcus. Bruce Lee is reli a stunt man. Damn pro! Unfortunely, my friend - Absolute crew cannot in the semi final. In the crew battle, Giller Battle still a champion. Aiks~ In the 1 on 1 bboy battle, bboy khenobo was the 1st runner. He got own flavor.. Cool man...

My New Life

有时候, 觉得自己的犹豫不觉的决定是对的,虽然真的很辛苦。

Friday, June 5, 2009

I Love BreakOut Show

Story of BREAK OUT (a.k.a. PICNIC)

Damn Funny.. Glad that i got chance to watch this. =)