Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Post

Wuhoo.. Today just having a great dinner. It's making my stomach full enough!!
TGI Fridays's price was the standard price and provided the good service.
Haha... I'm first time having in TGI Fridays and the first time cannot to finish the western food. Lolx.. Actually we dinner over there is for Joshua's farewell... We are lie those staffs today was Joshua's birthday. Haha.. So they are given a cake and singing a birthday song. We are kinda noisy and sohai, man!! But anywhere i'm kinda enjoyed so!! Haha... Joshua is going back on next Monday. Haiz.. Cannot to watch his big body dy!! Wahaha....
Tomorrow gotta to go MOS, Euphoria... It's ASB 09's final. Wuhoo... Dunno which crew will be the CHAMPION!!! I'm wishing that is Kartoon Network... I'm pround of them. Because they are dancing well...
After tomorrow again, I'm going to Prom Night. Wuhooooo... Sound is great, Feeling is great. But.. Had no partner. It's NOT great & sad too~
I had no idea what dress i wanted to wear. Because this is semi formal. Haiz.. Headache!!
This recently my schedule was almost FULL!!!
Just wishing that what I'm doing and planning on, it's can be happening and success!!!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Y.E.S = Year End Sales!!!!

The 1st good news i gonna to share with you guy is my Nike High Dunk was arrived!! That was awesome, man. Like it so much.. Today i got long time didn't shopping like this.. But still not enough actually. The time was being a bit tie. We are going lately and watching movie. So that didn't bought too much of staffs. Haha.. We are luckily that because G2000 was given a crazy sales. A lot of formal clothes is being 50% discount. That was enough to attract me. Hope that all of you guys would not miss this sales oh.

Formal with Nike SB. XD

This recently was happening many of complicated issues. In m y opinion, everything please take it easily and use your genius brain to found the answer. Which is won't let you be regret for your future, that is the answer. People already tried to give you the comment. Considering for it and go for it. In the same time, me also will losing mind in sometime. Does no anyone people will do the right choose in everything, it's just depends on you! I'm doing the damn wrong ways.. But i'm believe that i can revise to make it perfect. Gambateh all of my friends & me.. =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What a STUPID of me!!!



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Scared

Scared that i couldn't achieve my 1st dream.
Scared that i couldn't to bear the whole problem in my 1st dream.
Had not much of people can help me.
I'm not fully of believe him really can help me always.
I'm tired for my life now..
Kinda miss the schooling life.
The second item I'm scared is will regret the whole decision that I'm taken before.
Scared I will make my parents became disappointed to me.

What is the next step that I'm taken?

Finally..... It's was spreading out!!!
Thanks for cb Yie...
Lolx.. How long i still could keeping this??
I'm totally is annoying and had no idea what can i do...
I'm thinking that only 1% that i'm get success actually..
This was a big challenge for me ever..
I'm under considering to give up for this..
However, Shan Yie was being the kind person..
I'm losing fully of confident.
If i stepping forward, could i can bear for this?
No idea~