Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Night in Kajang...

Spicy Soup~
Leon's smile~

Bboy Pose~

-Serious Face-

4 Leng Lui in Kajang's 007 show~

Yo.. Thanks for Mun Yee invited us to go Kajang watching leng lui and let my first breaking. Because i'm really first time take non- stop supper in Kajang. Spicy Soup > Satey> Maggi Goreng!! Lolx... Let's we talk about the show.. Honestly, the show really had some bored. But that is okay.. At least, let our 4 black spec human got chance to watch hot babe. XD
Glad for whole night... BYE~

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Vocal People... PURE VOCAL!

I LOVE IT, man!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Gotcha, My Final Decision~ Yea....

Gotcha~ Oh yea...

This rencently, i'm tried to let my self break down. But still not the one of answer is i expected and wanted. I'm very annoying for those stupid decision is which i'm choosing before. My best buddy already spoken with me that "what you're doing now, that is a more helpful thing for your future. Even you get a low benifit, but you can earn more experience and useful thing for further. This is not needed to let you pay anything, only one choice is YES or NO. If YES, go ahead than! If no, depends on you and do not regret that!"
But i still cannot accepted(Sipeh luan shui). And i kept on believe myself to achieve my target while is very tired. However, i'm cknew that my hoice is the shit and fool one. F*cK~
I'm totally unable to do it! Well..
Only here is the most useful thing for me.
Only here can let me bboy kao kao as i wanted.
Only here can spent me more time...
Only here can step on forward to continue my education.

Haiz... Sometime damn jealous my friend is free than me. Can bboying anytime, sleep as enough, do anything what they wanted, etc. Only i can said that is FREE... I had no idea why their will said that study is no freedom... Try to change to me than. Lolx... Only they will on busy that is assignment lo.. If working, is everyday busy, busy and busy. One word can described is TIRED. Sometime, i wanted to bboying with them, also had no any chance to go. Well... Working until 9pm, where got time to go there. Even 6pm, still wanted under consider that. I'm really hope that my knowing whichs in dance can improve as well as i wanted arrhhhhh...
Day by day, my life is going to change! No gaming, only busy and fun! The time was going so fast. Why can let us spend more 1 hour meant that 25hours per day?Haha... But i know that is impossible, man! If we have 25hours per day, sure we can do more thing. Something i'm thinking that everthing is so easily to achive. But i still cannot to do that.. Haha... Odinary me is silly guy... However, people told me that i'm the cool and steady guy.. lolx... Did I heared wrong about that?! Anywhere, Louis, "please you don't be still confident your self!"

No Sweat Dance Competition in Zouk

Critical Soul

Yo~ Long time no blogging already! Well.. Actually this recently i'm damn busy for my work and dance. Unfortunely, we had no get any places. Haiz... We had no prepare as well and practice as rushing. So that we had fully panic. Anywhere, 1 day to create a step and using 6 hours to practice it for Final, that is quick suck rush for me, man! But.. That is not importnat The important thing is we had earning experience. Haha... Once again, CONGRATULATION to Mr. Jackson and Kent. You guy is very pro, especially you, Jackson. Better you change your name to be JackShen as immdiately! Haha... So next time, hope i have a enough of time to prepare before competition. Yo~ Bboy in the Zouk!