Friday, January 15, 2010

1th of January 10' - Seremban Trip(Jeram Toi)

Won't miss freeze in every places.
Gay Pose made by Daisy n Me. XD
We put it up AhFei to do back flip!! Dope!!
Lan Yeng~
Love this water's effecting.
The water was hurting me so much! Argh~
Sibek Cold!!

Look at there! Kent, be careful!! There had no any exit!!

Nice view for taken picture. Love this.

Seldom bboying, my stomach was got a lot of fats!!

Don't see that we are lying there nothing . Actually the water is damn shit cold!!
Kicked Edi's putt!!! XD

Main Entrance of Jeram Toi

This is the first trip that i'm going on this new year!! Haha..
Overall is awesome... Low budget can getting a nice trip.
Our dinner was having a bread chicken. Omg~ This was delicious so much... Wow... Felt hungry here. Haha..
Anywhere, i hope that still got a chance to have a nice trip again.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day Out!!

For the last night, i'm went out with Ivy.
Lolx.. They are going to Green Box singing K!!
And me was being the hungry man, kept eating.
Because i won't sing K de.. Hehe..
Pai Xie... Anywhere, we are still having fun and quick enjoyed.
Today was outgoing with Leongz. One of my hometown bro..
Haha.. We are freaking tired today.
I can described today was a Only Looking Day in Time Square.
No buy, only looking for our staff.
Finally, could not have anyone is suitable us!!
Actually we are reaching to KLCC around half past of one o'clock.
Then we going to Pavillion looking some clothes.
After that, we went to sg wang.
He got bought some his staff.
In this time, i wanna to tell leongz something here. You are too thin, man.
Eat much lah... XD
Then this is the time was wasting our 2 hours!!!
Walking and looking all the ways in Time Square, does not have any staff is suitable us wan.
We was so tired!!
After that, went to BB plaza.
I bought the 2 clothes. Only RM60 oh~
Wow... Finally, i got my CNY clothes!!
Haha... Founded those clothes which is only suitable my high dunk.
Leongz, i hope we still got chance to meet on this month.
Haha.. Glad to see you again.
Take Care, bro!!

Monday, January 4, 2010



Friday, January 1, 2010

The Year of 09'

Year of 2009 is going to the end. BYE~

What is the NEXT happen in the year of 2010??
Hope is a year of peaceful. By the way, i'm aslo wishing that my target is going smoothly in this year of 10'.
Well... I had no idea what i'm haven't done yet in Year of 2009. Probably 90% is completed i guess. Because it's just a small issues. Sure easily wan... Haha...
Stopping 1 year for study, it's really suck!! I'm believe that i will be back to school. But the problem is I'm missed out the whole thing in study already. Holy Shit~

Before year of 10', I'm just having a Korean BBQ in ampang before the Merry Christmas....
I'm not that prefer eat korean food actually.. I'm such a Xuan Chi people. =="
But for those meat in bbq sure is my favourite one. XD
Anywhere, it is a nice dinner.

Christmas is reaching. I'm going out again. We are going to Yuan having a steamboat buffet.
What a delicious, man!!! Love that chicken so much.. Making my stomach is almost being explosion!! lolx..
After that, we going to Sunway watching a DOPE movie...

This is it!! Sherlock Holmes

My broken english is unable to describe how was this movie is going nicely.(Lame~) I love this movie so much! The story was going a layer of layer. Mad+Funny+Nervous n etc. Haha... It's seem like still got next chapter. =)
After finished, Shan Yie, Rain, and Me is going to Kent's house overnight. Haha... Batang again?!
This time, i was being FFK!! Thousand sorry to Chua Jackson. Haha.. I didn't forget, just i'm unable to go. I'm getting damn wrong choice. Haiz... Pai Xie. Making you all the ways being Alone and watching movie alone. Will return back it all to you. =)

Something i wanna to let you guy know is I'm totally cannot do anything without any confident.Please forgive me.. Haha.. But anywhere, i will try my best up to do it well. Peace~

Oh yea... Got something wanna to share with you guy. That is a awesome Prom Night which is organize by Angie. "Blanco La Navidad". I love this Prom Night so much. Because i'm having fun at all.. Especially the dance floor was opening. Haha... That was crazy. We was making the Flashmob!! Dancing together, learning together... Gains a nice experience again!!!

Those picture will be upload soon~

A for apple. XD
T for TT lah of course!!

Jason, June, & Me

Pheng was being the spoiler. Tried to touch my dick!! lolx