Saturday, April 10, 2010

Something wrongs??

What the hell happened of you since you came here in last month ago?
I dated you, you FFK~ Sweat!!! Plus, this was twice!!
Have no picked up my phone, no reply, no inform, and nothing at all.
Made me been worries about it and almost trying to get your parent's contact number to check for you.
And now.. Blocked me in msn and my phone number and everything you did was going to escape me. Freaking sweat~
Everything you were done is without any reason and any purpose that i know. Some more this was your fault.
Don't thought that you are standing in the higher level and you may can raise up your status... Go hell please~
For me, you just my friend that made whose can hang out, gossip and sohai, that's all!!

Don't even think that you are famous or popular or pretty!!
Don't you think able to escape me forever unless you explain it to me..
What a idiot of you... Haiz...
Lazy to talk about it anymore~
Emo ing at all even passed in long time ago..

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Truth

Everyone of us could not estimate what is the next happening.
These happens whether are good or bad to us, it's has no body can blame.
We only can try to accept the truth as well.
Last few days, i was facing a lots of happened.
The worst part are the car accident.
I really getting a bigger shocked!!!
But luckily we were only a bit of painful.
Have no one is injured seriously.
Thanks God~
After this accident, i felt tired at all.
My body has been weaking almost.
But I still have to wake up and work for the next.
However, the result was given to me felt disappointed even i did my best.
I has been EMO~
What can I do?
I only tried to accept the truth and blaming my self.
Because of me made the unexpected truth.
I'm really unhappy~
I made my family and my friends be disappointed to me.
What i'm promised with them before, it's being a blank!!
It's really killed me!!