Sunday, November 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy..

At the first of all I'm totally Busy for working, Busy for fun, Busy for dancing, Busy for gossip/ ke po, Busy for thinking, Busy for dreaming, Busy for entertainment, Busy for release the pressure, totally busy always. lolx
Could not have a great day for me to get a comfortable sleep.
By the way, it's being a full life enough for me.
I'm was the first time tried to watch 2 movie in a same day.
Haha.. So good. For the 1st movie is Christmas Carol and the 2nd one is 2012.
Wohooo.... What a awesome movie of 2012. I was being much of excited and touched of this movie. Excited opening and Touched ending. But for the Christmas Carol, only the comment can i given is not bad lah. XD
Back to my working's life. It's was making me fully of fed up and stress. People took at me is seems like free... But.. It's always got a bigger stone was continuously increasing my bear actually. I couldn't make it being to decrease some more. So that i just kept endure, endure and endure. Because i'm believe my self can do it. Plus, now is reaching December. Haha... So that only left 3 months that I'm facing them. And the next, of course I'm needed to prepare my self for start my college life. Wuhoooooooo....... Gan Chong ah~

We just came back from Genting Highland in a few days.
Haha... This time was a Theme Park day!! It's the time to release my bear. Oh yea~ Let's do this.
In this trip, we was facing some HORRIBLE and IMPOSSIBLE happening.
I couldn't explain this awesome happening as clear as i can. But hope you guy can understand what i'm saying here. =) This happening was start from the Space Shoot.
Haha.. I couldn't imagine that Jackson's dulan face and scolding us.. He is totally dulan dao yi ge cheng du... Can't imagine that. This is causes the Space Shoot. Because I with Jackson is passed the impossible mission to get the Space Shoot. Lolx... Sizzling > Heavy Raining> Heavy heavy and heavy again... Haiz..... Whoever also will become dulan i guess!! Speechless and Fed up!! Almost give up for this game.. Haha.. After 5pm something, it's begin. Haha... Finally, we still kept going over there and playing Space Shoot in the last. Thanks god.. Feel so good after playing... Wow~ I can felt that my whole body is totally put away all the bears... Haha... Nice one!! Going to the Genting's Theme park, we must play Space Shoot even wanted to pass the FU FU YU YU. Haha.. No play, we will being to regret in your whole life.

Will upload the picture soon...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day by day..

No impact in forward my future.
A lot of staffs, it's unconfirmed it.
Starting had no idea which direction i gonna to go for it.
Feeling a strange idea has been nagging me.
My job was being given the much more of pressure to me than before.
How could I can stop myself to say that "I'm quit, I wanted Freedom"?
The time was passing very fast in every seconds. I couldn't to treasure that and catch up the surprised happening.
Around of my friends is seeing has been getting the right person. But me still the nothing. That because I'm not ready, okay?! lolx~

This month i was created that is "Clubbing Month". That because we are going to club in every week. Euphoria & Poppy! Lolx.. Actually the aiming i wanted to go is hope it can throw out all of the unhappy, pressure, annoying, and fed up!! So that i won't reject it when my friend had invited me. Hehe.. I gonna to say thousand thanks for Kent to bring up us. Kent, You're too great, my buddy! Many thanks for shan yie let me knew all of you guys. I'm so so so appreciate. You guys can sohai in anytime, kind person, friendly and many else. Wow~ Love it! XD

So far it's reached the end of November. Glad that!!
Still left 2 months, man!
Wakaka... So wishing that i can study in TARC right now. That because the college life is too much better than working life kao kao. And now I'm became tired and fed up for working life.


Sunday, November 1, 2009


Dunno how could i can describe today i'm tired or relax.. Because i'm started to clean up C-17-2 after woke up. No breakfast... Feeling hungry and hot when cleaning. C-17-2 guys was be the cleaner.. Haha.. Well.. I didn't cleaning much actually. It's took the mostly cleaning is Rain and Shan yie. Lolx.. Cleaning the whole C-17-2 this planing actually we are promised as long time already.. It's after we came back from Redang Island. However, ........... Haha... Boh diu~ Just cleaning own room. lolx... Today we are going to complete this planing. Haha.. Nowadays, C-17-2 is going to look a like HOME!!
Wahaha.. Feeling comfortable, oh yea~

The another reason we're cleaning is c-17-2 is got NEW MEMBER!! Feeling bored.. No choice. We had a bitch tricking us.. When she was moving here, she didn't pay for the deposit, lately pay for the rented fee, stopping stayed here didn't inform us, and tilling now putting her shit thing around here! What the F*ck of she!!! And still own my money... It's a few months.. Such a bitch of her.. Niama.. Hated this people no responsible and such a childish of thinking! Cb.. Pissed off me!! We really could not do anything... We are not being hate she actually. But she treat us like this, really making us being suck one. Haiz~ In the same time also making us being shy for introduced she came for stayed here.
Don't want to talk about those bitch anymore.
Today like a relaxing day for me, man! Because feeling that comfortable in surrounding and a cold weather. Wow.. Damn like it, man!
Tomorrow gonna to be work again. Haiz.. The time was going so fast in every moment. Miss my hometown so much.. Expected this coming year was going to be Tarcian.. Haha...
Please, I wanted be more fast. Wahaha...