Saturday, May 1, 2010

In the relaxing and enjoying with my life.

Hey guys, I'm back!!
I'm busy for working and enjoying with my life in this recently. Haha..
But I gonna be bankrupt soon, honestly!!! T.T
Whose say I'm those kind of person who unable to control own self to keep outgoing and traveling at all...
So that's why I often went to Genting or anyelse.. Hehe...
Oh ya... I got some of pictures wanna to show to you guys right here.
This picture are showing some of my bboying pose.
Well... Where got floor, where got bboy!! LOL
Hey guys, Chi Shui Temple really is a GREATEST place for take a rest or enjoy. Really nice!!
Nice view, nice circumferences, and fresh air!! (",)

I LOVE this pose!! =)

This place only RM 27.50 per person. Eat all you can!! Love it...