Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here we came again, Redang Island!!!

This was mine second times went to Redang Island... And same resort but different room, Holiday Resort.
Redang Island has made my mind to be blank at all.
No pressure, no annoying, no complicating, no rushing, no confusing, and no lonely.
I'm only felt happy enough over there.
Thought nothing at all has been making my self is so free.
Lying on the chair and with a tea or wine...
Keep on enjoying the beautiful view of sea...
Listening the sea of wave and the air blowing as carefully...
And take a longer fresh breathing...
Wow.... I really can touch my mind inside the happiness life!!!
Redang Island was too beautiful already.
Even this was my second time, i still won't felt boring in Redang Island.
Walking alone on the beach with lonely will feeling that leak something in suddenly.
However, walking with own beloved on the beach will feeling that the life is so beautiful and enough.
Don't you guys thought that Redang Island only for ocean activies. Haha..
Did you believe that Redang Island got Jungle Trekking??
Here I gonna show some of pictures to you guys.
Enjoy.. =)

JunglE TrekkinG
We were departing from behind of Holiday Resort... After taken 1 hour, we will reaching the private beach by Berjaya. Berjaya Resort is the most expensive in Redang Island. Got own plane. After that, we taken 30 more minutes to the village which is those stuff's kampung. Inside their kampung got polis station and school. Somemore a lot of them got own transportation. Haha.. Felt own self is not in Redang since we are reach there. LOL... This jungle trekking almost killing us. Because we were sweating, thirsting, and tired!!! Have no money bring along to this jungle trekking. So that we were kept on blaming!!! Haha... But for me this was nice. Because can gains some different experience. Peace(",)

Drinking & Clubbing Night

Shan Yie, the organizer by Redang Island's trip. He was brought 3 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of Black Label in this trip. First of all, we are estimated that too many already. However, we made it finished in 1 night!!!!! Out of expected!!! Straight away angie was get drunk!!!! Wakaka... Very funny!!! Angie was kept on said that "I don't want go Marine Park!!!! I scare FISH...............!"Wakaka... More funny thing hat we heard is "I didn't bring my make up set. Why?? I don't need make up also be pretty already larr.." LOL!!!!! Funny arh~
Clubbing- We were facing some shit are NOT understand what is RESPECT!!! Dancing shit at all... What we can do?? Just leave it... Lazy bird them!!! XD

Redang View with Us

Here with some of picture that we took... I have to apologize that my arrangement for the picture is quick complicated. Haha.. But anywhere, i have tried my best up already. Beautiful view able to control our emotional. Once we stand in front and face the sea, we will feel that FREE. =)